The Norfolk Enterprise Festival held its second event at Hoveton Hall on Saturday 13th July. David Dent and Heather Nunn attended on behalf of the Wayland Chamber. In a programme that highlighted key business issues and opportunities in the County it was possible to listen to presentations on subjects as diverse as the future of mobility, rethinking society, sustainability and climate change (and how business as usual is no longer an option), priorities for agriculture and the Norfolk digital community. George Freeman MP spoke passionately about the need for us to drive our own business and economic future in Norfolk, while other speakers addressed practical day to day issues about employment; harnessing the power of youth, the future workforce, apprenticeships, and subjects such as intellectual property and the role of business in our communities.

Something that arose from last year’s Festival was a concern among SMEs about the physical and mental isolation local business owners feel within the county. To combat these issues an SME charter has been developed for this year’s Festival and its aims were presented on Saturday. These are best summarised as follows:

  1. enhance sharing – an SME community which actively communicates, collaborates and shares knowledge and ideas to support each other 
  2. (ii) supportive eco-system – an environment which invests time and money into resources to help ambitious SMEs prosper while protecting our natural resources
  3. Happiness first – SME success is evidenced by financial growth, reduced isolation and enhanced wellbeing.

Underpinning each of these aims are a number of goals with accompanying targets which will be published on the Festival’s website in due course. We will keep you updated.

Overall, the Festival was inspirational event that will grow in popularity in the coming years as the it becomes an annual focus for Norfolk enterprise, working to identify practical, positive interventions that can unlock the potential of our business communities and drive significant yet sustainable growth in our County.


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