The Wayland Chamber Committee recently signed off on our strategic plan for the next couple of years. The planning process is essential because it ensures we identify what we want to achieve and how best to achieve those things, in this case on your behalf, as our members. The plan is our call to action – it is not a complicated plan:

We want to ensure that our Wayland business community prospers and grows. Prosperity depends on businesses being a success, utilising the best talent available, generating new opportunities and accessing new markets. Growth, requires the infrastructure, facilities and support for existing businesses to expand and a conducive environment for these and new businesses to start up and thrive.

So our commitment over the next two years is this:

  • To support our existing working business community through providing additional skills and training, knowledge and information to underpin greater business success
  • Deliver networking events in order to facilitate shared experience, collaboration, local purchasing and overall integration of our combined skills base.
  • Greater marketing and promotion of members company’s, products and services in order to generate new B2B and B2C business opportunities.
  • Collaborate and supplement (with local expertise and mentoring) existing public funded initiatives to promote innovation and start-up companies especially those with early career, younger entrepreneurs
  • Effectively represent the business community in all relevant business and political fora, and in doing so be truly representative of our community through an increased membership.

Of course not all of this can happen immediately, but it will happen and it will happen quicker if you engage with us, encourage others to do so and drive forward with us to create a business community of which we can all be proud.

David Dent, Chair

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