About Us

We represent a voice for local Wayland businesses, regardless of the size of the organisation

The aims of the Chamber are to:

Promote Local Business

This is done through creating networking opportunities by providing forums where Wayland businesses can network together, raising awareness of the local goods and services available.  We also promote local businesses to the local community, through our website, initiatives and competitions. We, as a Chamber, promote shopping local.

Represent and Look After Business Interests

We ensure that we are kept informed of the issues that affect local businesses. This may be on planning matters, rates reviews, employment matters or changes in legislation. If there is an issue that affects your business you can come to us and we will attempt to answer your query or, indeed, signpost you to an expert who can.

Help and Inform Business

We also undertake a lot of legwork so you don’t have to!  We inform you about local campaigns which you could join to promote your business and about local grants, training courses, initiatives and advertising opportunities that are available to local businesses.

Promoting and Assisting Local Communities and Community Projects

Without the local community local business would not be able to sustain itself. So we work hard in promoting and assisting local community and local community projects. Such projects are as diverse as paying for and arranging the annual High Street Christmas tree; encouraging young artists by working with Wayland High School to design the Chamber paper directory front cover; assisting The Wayland Partnership to promote its services by pledging money; donating towards a meal for local senior citizens; to handing out free reusable bags for the ecological benefit of our area.

The Chamber actively encourages the community to shop locally and as a result acts and promotes the Wayland area through initiatives which are reported on by local press throughout the Norfolk region, thereby raising the profile of the Wayland area. We further raise the profile of the area by seeking out partnerships to help assist with such campaigns. We point the local media to local business stories and, as a Chamber, are often asked to comment by the media on issues relating to Wayland business.

This website serves to promote local business and as an easy resource for the community to use to find local products and services offered.

A Chamber within the Wayland area has been established since 1955.  The title has changed throughout the years, becoming the Wayland Chamber of Commerce in 2008. Although the name of the Chamber has changed, its commitment to local business has not and, like any forward thinking business organisation, the Chamber proactively adapts to the needs of the Wayland business community

There are currently around 200 businesses and associate members of the Chamber. Such members include sole traders up to multi-national businesses. The Chamber is run on a voluntary basis with members putting themselves forward to be part of the chamber committee at the AGM that is held annually in February.

Anyone active in business should consider the potential benefits of membership of the Chamber, the basic costs of which is less than 60p per week. Membership of the Wayland Chamber is open to all individual persons, firms or companies resident in Wayland, or conducting business in, or having an interest in business in the Wayland area.

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