Autumn 2023 Newsletter

Greetings, Esteemed Members and Friends,

As the days grow shorter and the air carries a hint of autumnal crispness, we are delighted to welcome you to the September edition of The Wayland Chamber of Commerce Newsletter. It’s that time of year when our community and businesses are gearing up for the exciting changes and opportunities that Autumn brings.

In this month’s issue, we’ve packed an assortment of valuable insights, updates, and information to keep you connected with the pulse of our vibrant business community along with upcoming events that will help you expand your network and grow your business, we’ve got it all covered!

As we continue our journey towards economic recovery and growth, we’re proud to stand alongside you, our dedicated members, as pillars of resilience and innovation. Your hard work and determination have not only sustained our local economy but have also paved the way for a brighter, more prosperous future.

Christmas window competition

Yes, we know its early but we really want to get as many of the local high street businesses involved this year so over the coming weeks we will be sending out more information and getting in contact with everyone, if you would like to be apart of the display please feel free to email us to get registered.

Free Digital Marketing Opportunity

As part of our Business Case for the Digital and Creative Media Centre we wish to invite 15 businesses to pilot a video marketing opportunity supported through funding from Breckland Council and the Norfolk Innovation Framework fund. If you think your business will benefit from a short 5-7 minute promotional ‘YouTube’ video then get in contact For successful participants, we will visit, develop a video outline with you and then film with a professional video and editing team to produce the video for your use. All we ask in return is feedback and responses to the video and impact it may have on your business. A bargain! Get in contact soonest.

Cranswick – Councillors and MP Meet

Cranswick is the biggest employer in Mid-Norolk and one of the top five companies in the UK food sector met with Councillors and our MP George Freeman in September to discuss on-going local concerns about odours emanating from their Threxton Road plant. Cranswick acknowledged local frustrations and strongly reiterated their commitment to doing everything they can to tackle the odours, explaining the causes and setting out in depth the ‘Action Plan’ they are already in the process of implementing with Environment Agency support – and which should see improvements take effect over the next 4-6 months. Cranswick are keen to strengthen communication and dialogue with the local community on an ongoing basis. Let us know whether the odour is  having an impact on your business so that we can collate your views and concerns and represent businesses in future discussions about this issue. Contact:

Members contribution

We are currently making some changes on the run up to Christmas, such as we are making some small changes to the website, is their anything extra we could provide on the website? We are always willing to make changes and adjust to help support our members so any feedback would be greatly received.

Business Talks event 3rd of November Broome Hall 4:30-6pm

We will be welcoming local MP George Freeman to Broome Hall who will be doing a short presentation followed by a panel discussion featuring Mark Humphries of Clock Repairs and Antiques and Paul Adcock (Adcock Electricals) on Watton High Street; Jack White (Whites Training Services Ltd), Liz Whitcher (Reclaim the Rain and Flood Group and Rob Walker (Executive Director of Place, Breckland District Council) discussing subjects around local businesses, innovation development and growth. There will also be a short Q&A with George Freeman and informal business networking. Look forward to seeing you there. Book a place by contacting

We encourage you to actively engage with us through this newsletter, our social media channels, and our website. Your feedback and participation are invaluable as we work together to create a thriving and inclusive local business ecosystem.

Thank you for being a vital part of Wayland Chamber of Commerce. Together, we are stronger, and together, we will continue to build a prosperous future for our community.


We want to keep the new website up to date with the very latest news and information that will be relevant to visitors and of use to the local community, so if you have a news story, or maybe want to share information about how your business has been coping in lockdown, then please send your information to us with any relevant images and we will add this to our website and promote through our social media.

We also welcome any suggestions from members about how we can improve what the Chamber does – so please get in touch!

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