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Bluebells in Wayland wood.

May is always a great time of year, it is the spring renewal, fresh with opportunity, perhaps even more poignant this year than others as we gain greater freedoms from Covid-19 and a renewed sense of hope for a more normal life again. For all of us as local businesses, especially for many of our retailers, the last few weeks and have seen a major change, a bit like coming out of hibernation, as you have been able to re-open and again start to trade. Life back to where we want it to be.

Given this change, and with the availability of our Directory, I took the opportunity to deliver copies to our High Street businesses and get some sense of how things were going, and how they were feeling about future prospects. What I heard was to say the least, very positive.

Everyone I talked to had been really pleased by the immediate high level of footfall following the lifting of lockdown. Although the retailers had half expected and hoped for this, they were pleasantly surprised at the extent that customers embraced their new freedoms and had started shopping. This great start had been maintained even a few weeks later, and seems to happening across all of our businesses; with the estate agents reporting very brisk business, and also our cafe’s with outside seating pleased also. The Wednesday market is back up to full strength and is thriving, which is great to see.

At this time, everyone on the High Street that I had a chat with are upbeat about the next few months and above all, of course, glad to back trading again. It has without doubt been a challenging time but we in the Chamber are receiving enquiries about membership and requests for support with opening new retail outlets. This May of all May’s really is a time of renewal and hope. Let’s all make the most of this and support each other to make it a time of business regrowth alongside that of nature.


By now copies of the 2021/22 Directory should have reached most parts of Wayland. If you have received your copy then we would love to see a photo of you with it! Please email us at with a bit of information about you and your business so that we can share with our own social media accounts and give your business a boost as well!

Thank you to all businesses who renewed their membership and advertised with us  – these are difficult times indeed so your support is very much valued.


We have continued our campaign across social media to raise our profile. During April and may we are sharing adverts from all members who appear in the new directory along with pictures of members and residents with their copies.

We are also happy to share any of your stories or tweets so follow us and we will do our best to boost your message. If you can help us by sharing, retweeting, etc., that would be most appreciated!

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